Three common skincare mistakes

Skincare mistakes – we all make them! We’ve listed our top three below:


1. Sleeping in your make-up!

Make-up that’s left on the skin and not removed can trap dirt and oil and cause clogging of pores, prevent the normal shedding of dead skin cells and can contain ingredients that can irritate the skin over time. Removing all your make up and gently cleansing and moisturising the skin before going to sleep is important to help maintain a healthy complexion, especially since skin is actively renewing and repairing itself more while we sleep.


2. Overcomplicated skincare regimes

With a complex skincare regime, you are exposing your skin to a large number of ingredients as well as a risk of actually damaging your skin’s natural protective barrier function. Overuse of toners, astringent and alcohol-based products, as well as over-exfoliating and scrubbing with sharp abrasives, can leave the skin depleted of its natural moisturising oils, upsetting the naturally acidic pH of the acid mantle and leaving the skin physically damaged and vulnerable. These can all lead to increased chances of problems like over production of oil, irritation and sensitivity, dehydration and dryness.


3. Skincare routines using only water.

Sometimes, to try and gain control over their sensitive skin, people stop using cleansers and moisturisers altogether and just cleanse with water. Using water alone can actually cause the skin to become dry and therefore more susceptible to irritation. For example, in hard water areas water can be quite alkaline. Alkaline substances strip away more of the skin’s natural moisturising and protective lipids, leaving the natural barrier depleted. Also, water alone doesn’t cleanse away oil-based dirt as effectively, so pores may be more likely to become blocked. Choosing the right gentle cleansing and moisturising products suitable for sensitive skin and having a simple skincare routine will be better than using water alone.


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