Which cetaphil cleanser is best for your skin type?


Choosing the ideal facial cleanser for you involves understanding your skin type and any particular skin issues you might have, and making sure to opt for a facial cleanser that aligns with these factors.1-3 That’s why Cetaphil offers a range of facial cleansers formulated for all skin types. Find out more about the unique benefits of Cetaphil cleansers, so you can confidently choose the right one for your skin care needs.

The benefits of Cetaphil cleansers

Just washing your skin with water isn't always enough to properly clean your skin,3 so cleansers should always be the first step in your daily skin care routine to remove impurities, excess oil, dead skin cells, and makeup residue. By cleaning your skin with a facial cleanser twice daily – once in the morning and once before bed – you provide a gentle cleanse to your skin without over drying it.

Each Cetaphil daily facial cleanser goes beyond just cleansing your skin. Cetaphil cleansers contain carefully chosen ingredients that help to address specific skin concerns, such as blemishes, oiliness, and dryness. Each Cetaphil daily cleanser also tackles the 5 Signs of Skin Sensitivity and undergoes thorough dermatologist testing to ensure they are suitable for all skin types. Today, Cetaphil is the #1 dermatologist recommended sensitive skincare brand in the UK.

Choosing the right Cetaphil cleanser

Different skin types come with distinct needs, and a well-chosen cleanser is essential in helping you to achieve your desired skin care goals. If you have dry skin, a mild and hydrating cleanser that helps to maintain your skin barrier may be your best choice to ensure your skin remains hydrated.

Likewise, sensitive skin requires a gentle touch. If your skin is sensitive to scent in products, fragrance-free cleansers could be beneficial as they could help reduce skin irritation.

With blemish-prone skin, it's important that you opt for a cleanser that is non-comedogenic, which means it won’t clog your pores - this can help reduce the risk of breakouts. All Cetaphil cleansers are non-comedogenic.

For an in-depth understanding of terms like "non-comedogenic," "hypoallergenic," and "fragrance-free," which are often associated with Cetaphil cleansers, read our article What do Non-Comedogenic, Hypoallergenic and Fragrance-Free Actually Mean?.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

The creamy and fragrance-free formula of Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is clinically proven to benefit normal to dry, sensitive skin by providing hydration to protect against dryness. Formulated with Micellar Technology, this cleanser gently removes dirt, makeup, and impurities without compromising your skin's delicate balance. You can use Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser with and without water, making it a convenient choice for various skincare routines on face and body.


This cleanser includes a dermatologist-backed blend of ingredients, such as Niacinamide (a type of Vitamin B3), Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5), and Glycerin. Niacinamide is renowned for its antioxidant properties and has a smoothing effect on your skin, while Panthenol works to enhance your skin's hydration.6 Glycerin is one of the most powerful ingredients used in many cleansers, as it works to provide your skin with essential moisture, leaving it smooth and soft.


For a more comprehensive understanding of Cetaphil cleanser ingredients, explore our ingredients page.


Cetaphil Hydrating Foaming Cream Cleanser

The cream-to-foam Cetaphil Hydrating Foaming Cream Cleanser is another cleanser tailored to the unique requirements of normal to dry, sensitive skin. By transforming from a creamy lather to a nourishing foam, this fragrance-free cleanser efficiently washes off pore-clogging impurities, excess oil, and makeup residues - without compromising your skin's natural moisture balance or dehydrating your skin.

A blend of gentle ingredients, such as Niacinamide, Panthenol, and Glycerin is combined with Aloe Vera’s calming and hydrating effects,8 leaving your skin feeling hydrated.

Cetaphil Soothing Foam Wash

Another option for normal to dry, sensitive skin is the fragrance-free Cetaphil Soothing Foam Wash. This gentle foaming cleanser with ceramides helps remove dirt, excess oil, impurities, and makeup, without dehydrating your skin or compromising your skin’s natural skin barrier.


This rich cloud-like foam is formulated with Allantoin and Ceramides, such as Niacinamide and Panthenol, to maintain skin hydration. Allantoin is renowned for its ability to help soothe and calm your skin.


Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser

Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser is a suitable option if you have oily to combination, sensitive skin. Characterised by its soap-free and oil-free formulation, this Cetaphil cleanser’s gel-to-foam formula is designed to gently yet effectively cleanse your skin and minimise your pores without stripping your skin of its natural moisture.

Essential ingredients, such as Niacinamide, Panthenol, and Tocopherol (Vitamin E), help preserve your natural skin barrier. Tocopherol is known for its antioxidant potency to help safeguard your skin from environmental stressors.

Cetaphil Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser

Cetaphil Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser is a great fit for dry, oily, and combination skin. By removing dead skin cells and daily impurities that accumulate over time, this fragrance-free cleanser smoothes and improves your skin’s texture, without over-drying or irritating your skin, maintaining your skin's pH.

Infused with Panthenol, Tocopherol, Glycerin, and soothing Bamboo extract, Cetaphil Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser nurtures your skin and is gentle enough for everyday use, making it a valuable part of your daily skin care routine.

Cetaphil Healthy Radiance Brightness Reveal Creamy Cleanser

The Cetaphil Healthy Radiance Brightness Reveal Creamy Cleanser targets uneven skin tone while upholding the integrity of your skin barrier. Tailored for sensitive skin, this cleanser is fragrance-free and removes dead skin cells and residues without drying your skin, leaving your skin soft, smooth, and noticeably radiant.

As part of the Cetaphil Healthy Radiance range, this cleanser contains a well-tailored blend of ingredients, such as Niacinamide and natural Sea Daffodil extract. Natural Sea Daffodil works to rediscover a luminous, even-toned radiance.

Cetaphil Pro Redness Prone Skin Cleansing Facial Wash

If you are looking for a soothing care for your redness-prone skin, Cetaphil Pro Redness Prone Skin Cleansing Facial Wash could help. This cleanser effectively washes away dirt and impurities, all the while safeguarding your skin from irritation or excessive dryness.

It combines a harmonious fusion of ingredients, such as Glycerin, Licorice Extract, and Allantoin. Like Allantoin, Licorice Extract is also great for calming redness-prone skin. Working together, these two ingredients provide soothing relief to your redness-prone skin.

Cetaphil Gentle Clear Clarifying Cream Cleanser

If you have blemish-prone skin, Cetaphil Gentle Clear Clarifying Cream Cleanser is an excellent choice. This cleanser is clinically proven to improve the appearance of blemishes and breakouts, whilst gently cleaning and reducing the appearance of pores, all whilst protecting your skin's natural moisture barrier.

This soothing, oil-free cleanser is formulated with a science-backed blend of Salicylic Acid, Aloe Vera, and White Tea. Salicylic Acid helps effectively unclog pores, which is one of the essential steps of managing breakouts,1 while White Tea helps calm your blemish-prone skin.

The bottom line

When choosing a cleanser, it’s important to remember that cleansing is an essential foundation for any skin care routine and you should pick your cleanser based on your skin type and concerns. With Cetaphil's range of cleansers, you can confidently start cleansing, unlocking your potential for radiant-looking skin.