What does non-comedogenic mean?

The term ‘non-comedogenic’ refers to those skincare products which have been shown not to block the skin’s pores. Non-comedogenic products may be particularly useful if you have spot-prone skin.

Comedones are blackheads and whiteheads. A blackhead, known as an ‘open comedone’, is an open pore which is clogged with your skin’s oil, sweat and dead skin cells. As the oil and debris inside the pore is exposed to the air, it turns darker in colour - it is a common myth that it is black because of dirt!

A whitehead is known as a ‘closed comedone’. This is also a blocked pore, but the pore’s opening has closed over, leaving a small ‘bump’ under the skin’s surface.

Both blackheads and whiteheads have the potential to become inflamed and turn into spots.

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